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Malcolm Burgess , Premier Catering Equipment

Chartswood and in particular Tush, has been our accountant and tax advisors for over fifteen years. The team has given us valuable business support that has enabled our company to grow. We are truly impressed with their pro-active approach allowing us to concentrate on our core business activities.


Jason King , EtchRock

We have been working with Tush and his team for five years. They provide us with expert advice in relation to our annual accounts, tax and solicitors’ accountants rules. The team at Chartswood are very professional, and always give clear advice and guidance in a prompt and efficient manner.

Hannah , Gentle Hands Care Agency

I have received very commendable and swift support from you upon transition to Chartswood.

Alex Hatfield , The Private Office

I can rely on Sanjay for comprehensive, diligent and efficient tax advice for my clients.

My clients tell me that they feel comfortable and at ease with his approach and I am happy to recommend him.

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